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The Collective Identity Mentoring Program has integrated the critical principles of mentoring and rootedness in Black girls’ history, culture, and lived experiences in the United States. They believe that mentoring is beneficial at all levels and will reduce the oppression experienced by Black girls and women. While also providing an opportunity for social and economic mobility.

The Collective Identity Mentoring is a grassroots nonprofit in the Los Angeles area. They have created three programs made by design for Black girls between 13-25 at essentials stages in their life. Each program length is two years. They will begin a new cohort on a quarterly basis, each consisting of 10 students. Each cohort will choose their unique cohort name and core value. Each program’s curriculum is designed for Black girls and teaches our girls how to handle each of these hurdles best as they encounter them. Each cohort will have confabs and excursions. Their confabs are designed to be intimate private conversations where young Black girls and women can openly discuss their experience within a safe space. To learn more, you may visit their website at Or you can email them at

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