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The impact of the adultification bias does not end in the schools or with teachers. As a Black girl continues to age, it follows her within her community as she is gets identified as the “Strong Black Woman.” While it is most definitely true that Black women are not only strong and powerful beyond measure, there is an adverse reaction. The Black woman begins to believe that she is stronger than her non-Black counterparts. Despite exhibiting signs of trauma, depression, and anxiety, she begins to neglect her mental health in the name of being strong. This strength becomes like a noose around her neck, preventing her from reaching her full potential. The Collective Identity intends to teach our young women the value of our mental health. Mentoring Black girls is especially important as it shows her how to break through the barriers of stereotypes, the importance of self-care, and help her create and define her path so that she may grow into the woman she was meant to be.

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