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When I was 12 years old I was in a car that was involved in a car crash. I was the first to climb out the totalled car feeling battered from the impact and the wind knocked out of me. The cops on the scene ask me “was I driving the car?” I was so confused I looked at them like “huh?” The EMT even told me “you must of done something” because I started to say “I was scared”. When they took in my brother and his friend to the children hospital they hesitated to bring me to the children’s hospital. I was a thin girl and weighed like 90 pounds so no I didn’t look like a developed woman. The way those first responders treated me never left my mind and now I know why. My brothers friend step dad a grown man was driving the car FYI. So till this day it makes me angry thinking about the first thing that police officer did was question me about what happened. No one comforted me or treated me like a child instead they wanted to criminalize me while I lay in the grass in pain. (Source)