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Naomi Wadler is a leader, and the Center on Poverty and Inequality’s Initiative on Gendery Justice & Opportunity is proud to work with her. Below is an excerpt from this Teen Vogue op-ed, which covers Naomi Wadler’s reflection of her year since her viral March for Our Lives speech.

“Did you know that black girls are almost four times more likely to be arrested in school than white girls? That’s what a 2017 joint study from Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Equality and the National Black Women’s Justice Institute found. Another joint report last year from the Center on Poverty and Equality, the Ms. Foundation for Women, and the Human Rights Project for Girls revealed that sexual abuse of one of the major predicting factors of girls entering the juvenile justice system. I share these points to highlight the fact that so much more work needs to be done and why I think we all have a role to play.”

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