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My name is Oumou Kaba, and I’m an 18-year-old unapologetically Guinean activist from Brooklyn, New York. I am an undergraduate freshman at the Clark Atlanta University majoring in History. My passion is black girls. My goal in life is to change the narrative of black girls in academic institutions that keeps black girls like myself from thriving and reaching our fullest potential. The narratives that black girls are loud when in reality we want to be heard, the narrative that black girls are seeking attention when in fact we are seeking a connection, the narrative that black girls are aggressive when in reality we know what we want, the narrative that black girls are bossy when in fact we are leaders and lastly, the narrative that we are adults. Many barriers within the education system consistently turn a blind eye to black girls’ needs, and I intend to change this and center the needs of black girls on a legislative level.


Panelist: Breaking the Narrative

International Day of the Girl