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June 28, 2017Adultification Bias

The ‘Adultification’ of Black Girls: Less Protection, More Discipline

Associated Press

Adults think that black girls are less innocent, less in need of protection and nurturing, and seem older than similarly aged white girls,...

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June 27, 2017Adultification Bias

Study: Black girls viewed as ‘less innocent’ than white girls

T. Rees Shapiro

Adults view young black girls as less innocent than white girls of the same age, a new study has found, indicating that children’s...

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May 02, 2017Adultification Bias

Girls suffer childhood trauma more. New research shows how yoga can help heal them.

Michael Alison Chandler

A new report by the Center on Poverty and Inequality at Georgetown Law School shows that yoga programs can be particularly effective at...

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