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Our Mission

The Learning Network for Girls of Color provides a secure platform for school system leaders and educators to learn from experts across the country about trauma-informed approaches for girls of color and engage in peer-to-peer learning.

The Learning Network’s content is guided by a youth advisory committee comprised of girls of color and a steering committee comprised of professionals with expertise in trauma-informed learning and/or issues relating to race, ethnicity, and gender.

Membership is free for educators, school leadership and support personnel, district leadership, school support staff, school counselors and therapists, and other members of school communities.


The Schools for Girls of Color Learning Network evolved from an event that the Center on Poverty and Inequality co-hosted with the White House Council on Women and Girls in September 2016, “Trauma-Informed Approaches in School: Supporting Girls of Color and Rethinking Discipline.” During this event, attendees and presenters expressed interest in access to a secure space designed to provide learning opportunities for school systems about trauma unique to girls of color, innovative intervention and prevention strategies that make classrooms and learning more accessible to girls of color, and peer-to-peer communication.

Leadership Team

Rebecca Epstein

Rebecca Epstein

Executive Director, Georgetown Center on Gender Justice & Opportunity

Dr. Sydney McKinney

Dr. Sydney McKinney

Executive Director, National Black Women’s Justice Institute

Schools for Girls of Color Steering Committee

Kalisha Dessources FiguresKalisha Dessources Figures

Special Assistant to the President for Gender Policy

Monica McLemoreMonica McLemore

University of California – San Francisco

Jeannette Pai-EspinosaJeannette Pai-Espinosa

National Crittenton

Joanne SmithJoanne Smith

Girls for Gender Equity

Shiwali PatelShiwali Patel

National Women’s Law Center

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These submissions will be shared with our leadership team, who will submit answers as soon as possible. These answers will be posted on our discussion board to inform educators about girls’ perspectives on school-related issues.

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